‘Anunciado en TV’ Sèries vistes 2020

+ Loris Lora / For The LA Times

+ Loris Lora / For The LA Times

  1. Baron Noir (hbo)
  2. Sex Education (netflix)
  3. The new Pope (hbo)
  4. The good fight (movistar)
  5. The plot against America (hbo)
  6. Fleabag (Amazon)
  7. State of the union (netflix)
  8. Cuando el polvo se asienta (Filmin)
  9. Fargo (movistar)
  10. Ms. America (hbo)
  11. Mandalorian (Disney)
  12. Drama (TV3)
  13. After life (netflix)
  14. Succession (hbo)
  15. The crown (netflix / 2019)
  16. When they see us (netflix)
  17. The handmaid’s tale (hbo)
  18. How to with John Wilson (hbo)
  19. The loudest voice (movistar)
  20. Seven seconds (netflix)
  21. Catastrophe (Movistar)
  22. Unbeliable (netflix)
  23. Chernobyl (HBO)
  24. Little fires everywhere (Prime)
  25. Por hache o por b (HBO)
  26. Run (hbo)
  27. Derry girls (netflix)
  28. Unorthodox (netflix)
  29. Press (Filmin)
  30. No man’s land (hbo)
  31. Parlament (Filmin)
  32. The spy (netflix)

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