Sèries que hem vist a casa el 2021


1. Sex Education (Netflix)
2. Perni (Filmin)
3. The good fight (Movistar)
4. Yellowjackets (Movistar)
5. Mare of Eastdown (HBO)
6. Only murders in the building (Disney)
7. Maid (Netflix)
8. Handmaid’s Tale – 4a (HBO)
9. Homeland – 8a (Netflix)
10. Vigil (Movistar)
11. The sinner (Netflix)
12. The split (Filmin)
13. Line of duty (Netflix)
14. City of ghosts (Netflix)
15. Larry David – 6a (HBO)
16. Laetitia (Filmin)
17. The minister (Movistar)
18. Método Kominsky (Netflix)
19. Los Durrell (Filmin)
20. The accident (Filmin)
21. La Fortuna (Movistar)
22. Nobel (Filmin)
23. El colapso (Filmin)
24. OndarAlioak (Filmin)
25. El desorden que dejas (Netflix)
26. Little fires everywhere
27. We got this (Filmin)
28. El Reino (Netflix)

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